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A young lady gets up in the morning, thinking to herself of whether or not she did good at her end of course test. She ponders over it while getting dressed, wearing only her nicest clothes and more modest look. She looks in the mirror and smiles at herself. She knows she is beautiful, and smart. 

While going to school she holds her bag close, proud of a algebra project she had done the night before. On the bus she gets teased, and is called a geek or dumbass. 
She still smiles and knows she is smart. 

On the way into school her ex trips her and laughs, while the everyone passes by her. She frowns at the disrespect but quickly regains her confidence.
she keeps her smile and knows she is loved. 

At the end of her third class, she walks down the hall, only to be stopped by the mean girl of the school, to ask her if she were pregnate. "You look so fat you might as well be pregnant!" The mean girl exclaims. "So who'd you fuck this time slut?"  With a frown, the girl moves her hair aside and doesn't respond. She timidly walks to the side and continues down the hall to class. 
She keeps a weak smile, but knows she is beautiful. 

At the end of her last class, she writes her studies down, and turns her work in. She has everything done on time and her professor compliments to her work. She nods in respect and leaves the class, only to see her friend being pushed against a locker by a guy she had not met. She quickly marches over and shoves him aside, being towered over by this face of intimidation. "Leave my friend alone!" She yells, standing her solid ground. Her friend quickly leaves her, and the man shoves the girl back, punching her in the face with nothing held back. When the guy leaves, she gets back up, her nose bloody.
she no longer smiles, now with tears in her eyes. 

I know I am smart, I know I am beautiful, I know I am loved, I know I am respected.... 


every day young women suffer from bullying, verbal and physical abuse, in just their own learning environment. From this, women are no longer respected, and in turn, no longer respect themselves.

Is is this our society? 

If so, why are we doing nothing. 



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Saphire Shear
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Welcome to my page! Im a traditional/digital/photographer artists, who really doesnt know what I like to do. I love doing lots of different styles, and always try different things (since Im never sure which suits me best)
anyways, enjoy my art, and dont forget to leave a watch or fav!

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